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Yo Deshi - the long lost game of mental martial arts arrives on the iPhone!
Thursday, 17 November 2011 14:50

Proper Games’ latest multi award winning strategy board game is now available for the iPhone!

Yo Deshi is a beautiful one/two player board game of Mental Martial Arts.  Challenge your friend on one device or battle against Yo Deshi’s very own Student Xue and Master Renshu.

Various game options, unlimited game play and different difficulty levels make Yo Deshi suitable for everyone.

Proper Games’ Marketing Manager, Grant Alexander, was pleased to comment that “Yo Deshi has been out on the iPad for a short while and has already received numerous awards.  The iPhone version release is the next step in our Yo Deshi adventure as early signs show that we have a fantastic title on our hands!”

Grant added “I’m also excited to leak the news that the studio is working on a very special update for Yo Deshi – which will be released in time for Christmas.  I can’t divulge much at this stage, but keep an eye out for more information and be sure to take advantage of our temporary price sale before the fantastic update is unleashed”.

Packed full of great content, current features include...

·  Two Player Mode
·  Configurable Boards
·  Unlimited Tile Combinations
·  Two AI Players to challenge
·  Yo Deshi Training with Master Renshu
·  Customisable game options to adjust difficulty

Explore the path to true board game enlightenment through
Yo Deshi!