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Yo Deshi - Huge App Store update for the long lost game of mental martial arts!
Friday, 16 November 2011 13:00

Yo DeshiProper Games’ award winning strategy board game receives a huge update on the App Store – just in time for Christmas!

Yo Deshi is a strategic board game for two players where the choices you make have influence over those of your opponent - taking tiles in turn to achieve the highest score.  Forcing your opponent into taking penalties whilst looking ahead to engineer your own advantage is what makes the student become the master.

Today’s released update comes with great excitement as Yo Deshi now features both online multiplayer and story mode!

Universal across all mobile IOS devices, play against friends locally or online via Game Center.  Alternatively, take on a variety of A.I. opponents in story mode.  With different board layouts for different styles of play and tactics, Yo Deshi is the game to try!

Proper Games’ Producer, Colin McQuillen, was pleased to comment “We have great plans for the future of Yo Deshi and this exciting update is just the beginning.  By adding the multiplayer feature, players can now play against real opponents – any time and anywhere!  It doesn’t matter if you are on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch – each device is compatible.  With the festive holiday almost upon us – this is the perfect game to challenge your mental strength whether you are at home or on the move!”

Packed full of great content, current features now include...

·         Online Multiplayer through Game Centre

·         Local Two Player  / Story Mode

·         Configurable Boards

·         Unlimited Tile Combinations

·         Yo Deshi Training with Master Renshu

·         Five A.I. Players to challenge, with more planned

·         Customisable game options to adjust difficulty


Explore the path to true board game enlightenment through Yo Deshi!

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