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Athletes late for championships!
Thursday, 01 September 2011 14:09 

‘Freedom City Runners’ in race to reach stadium. 

19th August 2011 - Jessica Twist, Jurgen Brawn and Lesane Blurr had a dramatic start to their Athletics Championship bid this week when they almost missed their 100m sprint event.  It is unclear why they were running late.  

Witnesses say they saw the trio, now nicknamed by the media as the “Freedom City Runners”, sprinting through city streets, climbing walls and even jumping over cars near the official Stadium in Korea. 

Event officials made a statement after the 100m sprint event “We can confirm, that three athletes were indeed late to the stadium.  They believed the rules stated that as long as a runner is in the ‘set’ position when the starting pistol fires, they may compete in the event. We are checking the rule book.”

Jurgen Brawn and Jessica Twist refused to comment but Lesane Blurr was overheard telling a sports fan “Running through the city was my warm up lap…

An athletics fan from Dundee caught the runners on film, the clip has become an internet sensation overnight - view the footage here: Freedom City Runners caught on camera

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